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5 Reasons to work with a board-certified attorney
December 5, 2022

If you need legal help or representation, an attorney is an invaluable resource to save valuable time and money during any legal process. It's crucial to choose an experienced lawyer––one board certified by the Florida bar association––to ensure that you receive the highest quality service and best counsel.

Board certification mandates that attorneys possess specialized expertise in certain areas of law. They have the knowledge base and courtroom experience necessary to handle your case effectively, no matter the criminal charges.

This blog highlights five reasons to hire a board-certified attorney when facing criminal charges.

They are experts in their field.

Board-certified attorneys are highly qualified professionals who have earned the distinction of meeting rigorous standards and criteria set by their state. Less than one percent of attorneys earn board certification, meaning they operate at the top of their field.

These attorneys possess specialized knowledge and demonstrated experience that has been independently tested and evaluated. They can efficiently handle complex cases and offer sound legal advice makes them invaluable in navigating through the complexities of the criminal defense system.

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They have passed a rigorous examination process.

Becoming a board-certified attorney is an arduous process that ensures that the bar continues to be set incredibly high for those entering the profession.

Beyond graduating from an accredited law school, candidates must pass a comprehensive exam on the laws of Florida and have specific experience levels in their area of practice.

Lawyers and judges familiar with the candidates must also endorse their:

  • Their character
  • Professional ability
  • Ethical fitness to practice law

A licensing authority oversees the whole certification process. It can take some attorneys years to complete all parts of the exam successfully and gain certification. Candela Law Firm, P.A. is among the top attorneys in Florida, having completed the board-certification process three times.

They receive regular Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

Board-certified attorneys must stay current on the ever-changing laws and regulations, so continuing legal education (CLE) credits are necessary. These credits demonstrate that attorneys have kept up with the latest trends in their field of law, providing clients with the most knowledgeable representation.

The American Bar Association sets specific legal education requirements for attorneys to maintain board certification status. Lawyers meet these requirements by attending approved courses that provide a predetermined number of CLE credits.

By completing these courses every applicable year, attorneys can keep their practice current and compliant with ever-evolving laws.

They are held to the highest ethical standards.

The ethical standards board-certified attorneys must meet include proficiency in the legal field and knowledge of the latest laws. It also involves a commitment to professional excellence, objectivity, and integrity.

To remain certified, attorneys must demonstrate a deep understanding of their practice areas and engage in additional education each year.

Attorneys must uphold their ethical obligations by not offering advice that is unlawful or unethical in any way. Board-certified lawyers have consciously decided to adhere to strict ethical standards to assure clients that they will handle their cases with professionalism, diligence, and skill.

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They have access to the latest case law and legal resources.

Board-certified attorneys have access to the latest legal resources and case law. They stay ahead of any developments and changes in legal processes, which aids them in providing sound, reliable advice for their clients.

They can use traditional printed legal materials and searchable databases to ensure quick access to the most reliable information.

Board-certified attorneys offer essential confidence and valuable insight with their knowledge of the latest case law and resources.

Contact Candela Law Firm, P.A to work with a board-certified attorney for criminal defense, appeal, and will planning.

I aim to provide people charged with crimes with skilled and experienced legal services. I work at the federal and state levels and handle all levels of crimes, including homicide. As a board-certified trial attorney in Florida, my singular focus is providing effective defense for my clients.

I bring experience working with forensics experts, which makes me uniquely positioned to present a compelling defense against new processes and techniques for gathering evidence. Schedule a consultation with Candela Law Firm, P.A., to work with a board-certified attorney.

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