February 19, 2019

“I don’t understand … the client got a departure sentence. How can he file an ‘ineffective assistance of counsel’ claim against me?” decried the defense attorney.

          The exasperated statement from the attorney presupposes that the departure sentence was the best...

January 23, 2019


         Plea bargains are evaluated based upon contract law. Typically, the courts make a legal determination to review for the basics: offer, acceptance, intent, and consideration. The idea is that there is a “bargained-for-ex...

September 21, 2018


To plea or not to plea, that is the question. Everyday in criminal courtrooms across this wonderful land, persons accused of felony, misdemeanor, or traffic offenses must make tough decisions on whether to accept a plea offer based on negotiations or forego the offer...

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April 16, 2019

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