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Introducing Candela Law Firm: Your Criminal Law Attorneys in Tampa, FL
June 4, 2020

Facing criminal charges is an undoubtedly stressful experience, no matter how minor or major they are. At Candela Law Firm, we always operate on the basis that you're innocent until proven guilty. As a boutique law firm that's managed by Anthony Candela, we're here to help you secure your freedom. If you're searching for a criminal law attorney in the Tampa area, it's time to learn why we should be your first choice.

Candela Law Firm: where it all began

Candela Law Firm is managed by Florida Bar certified criminal defense attorney, Anthony Candela. Early into his legal studies at Duquesne University School of Law, our lead attorney realized that he had a passion for criminal law. After becoming a member of the Florida Bar, Anthony joined the public defender's office in Tampa.

Although our office provides other legal services, such as estate planning, we specialize in defending those who have been accused of crimes. Our expertise range from smaller offenses such as DUIs and include more severe accusations, such as sex trafficking. We also focus on white-collar crimes, including serious accusations of law. We've never worked on prosecution cases, which means our passion for defending those accused of crimes is never compromised.

How we approach criminal legal matters

At Candela Law Firm, we believe that criminal legal matters require an expert approach. Our goal is to provide clients with the most extensive and best legal representation available. We always begin with the assumption that our clients are innocent and we fiercely fight their corner. Helping people secure their legal rights is something we will always work tirelessly toward.

Our lead attorney, Anthony Candela, is qualified to handle all state and federal criminal matters. We're also able to handle appeals, including those that are lodged following a conviction. We leave nothing to chance and we'll investigate every element of your case with the thorough approach it requires.

Our other legal services

In addition to providing criminal defense services, we cover other personal areas of law. Our services extend to:

  • Creating a legal will
  • Managing trusts
  • Forming living wills and end of life documents
  • Creating child protection plans
  • Handling matters of estate

All our other legal services benefit from the same passion and meticulous approach that we commit to criminal defense. We understand that such matters can have a significant impact on your life, which is why we take them seriously.

Why we're different from the rest

Did you know that there are more than 100,000 attorneys practicing in Florida? Despite this, only 400 of us are board-certified in criminal law. When you're facing criminal charges, accessing the right type of expertise can mean the difference between securing your freedom and losing it. At Candela Law Firm, we take great pride in possessing the expertise that our clients require.

Anthony Candela was recertified as a criminal defense attorney in 2013, and then again in 2018. Our commitment to maintaining an up-to-date level of knowledge is what allows us to provide our clients with the excellence they deserve. We're also able to practice in the Middle District of Florida with regards to federal criminal matters, as well as the Eleventh Circuit Appellate Court.

Our trial experience ranges from DUIs and traffic offences through to homicide and capital sexual assault. Regardless of why you find yourself in our offices, we'll take an empathetic and non-judgmental approach to your case.

If you're being accused of a crime that you didn't commit, don't delay starting your defense. Contact us by completing our contact form.

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