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Handling arrested family with criminal attorneys in Tampa
April 12, 2021

An arrest has far-reaching implications on a person’s network. It affects everyone. This is why finding the best criminal attorneys in Tampa is essential when dealing with an arrested family member. At Candela Law Firm, we’re in the top 1% of firms in Tampa. Our credentials, track record, and experience speak for themselves.

Here’s how criminal lawyers in Tampa advise you to handle an arrested family member.

Stay in the moment and offer support

Before getting criminal attorneys in Tampa involved, remember to stay calm and be supportive. It’s easy for both parties to be upset and think irrationally, but what’s most important is for you to be their ballast. You want to keep them calm and level-headed.

Also, support is critical in such moments of crisis. Reassure them you’re doing what you can and that everything is going to be all right.

When talking on the phone, inform them that the calls can be monitored and be used against them. Remind them they have the right to remain silent. Reiterate that they shouldn’t disclose anything without first consulting with a lawyer.

Lastly, it’s easy to obsess over potential long-term consequences. This kind of thinking is overwhelming. Focus on what you can do and control that day. Your composure and fortitude will be their beacon.

Start budgeting

Possibly the most stressful aspect, budgeting is also the most important. If your family member is arrested, some expenses need to be accounted for immediately.

From the cost of living in jail to finding the most capable criminal attorneys in Tampa, budgeting cannot be ignored. If they contributed directly to monthly living expenses, this is major. Understanding what sacrifices need to be made is an important place to start.

If their bail is higher than you can afford, a bail bond might be advisable. Just as importantly, if you can’t afford a lawyer, ensure they’re at least represented by a public defender.

However, if money's tight and you still want sound, committed legal counsel, there are solutions. For example, you can ask what you can do yourself or have a junior lawyer or paralegal perform to reduce costs.

Budgetary restrictions are important to know as soon as possible.

Understand the basics

In most instances, all you can really do is try to learn and understand. By informing yourself, you become a greater asset to the arrested individual.

This means understanding where they’re being held, when you can visit, how often you can visit, and how long visits are. Most importantly, however, you need to know what they’re charged with.

Understanding the charge, what precise laws they broke, and the punishment they’re facing is vital. Ask as many questions as possible and keep a record for reference.

Lastly, inform the authorities you’re getting representation. Explicitly tell them to refrain from questioning until their lawyer is present. It’s also immensely important that the arrested individual understands their rights and how to best benefit their case.

Contact us now for a consultation

If your family member was arrested and you don’t know where to turn, Candela Law Firm is their express route to redemption. Our experience, unmatched credentials, passion for criminal defense, and commitment to clients are unrivaled. We’re literally in the top 1% of criminal attorneys in Tampa.

Contact us now for a consultation! We’ll defend your family like they were our own kin.

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