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What criminal defense attorneys say to do after bail release
June 20, 2022

Being released on bail is just the first step in what can be a long, complicated, and stressful legal process. Anyone charged with a criminal offense is guaranteed legal defense in Florida. However, public defenders can often be overworked and short on time, unable to put together an effective case for their clients. That’s why working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is so important. They have the time to develop a strategy that effectively argues your case if it goes to trial. Here’s what a criminal defense attorney recommends after being released on bail.

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The sooner you call a criminal defense attorney, the better

Following an arrest, getting released on bail can be an ordeal. An arraignment judge sets the bail amount, and unfortunately, those who go to jail over the weekend may spend days in custody before getting their time before the judge. During the week, it may only be a few hours before the court sets bail.

To make bail, charged individuals can work with a bond agent, or a criminal defense attorney can sign for their release. An attorney can also advocate for you during the arraignment to negotiate whether bail is required and the amount. Your first call should be to a defense lawyer as soon as you’re charged with a crime, whether at the municipal, state, or federal level.

Tell your lawyer everything you know about your case

Being candid with your attorney is essential for them to build a compelling case. The more they know, the better prepared they can be. With thorough information, an experienced defense attorney with experience arguing in court may be able to avoid trial altogether and minimize the impact of a criminal charge on your life.

When a defense lawyer has a long record of success, prosecutors know they aren’t afraid to go to trial, which places defendants in a strong negotiating position. Candela Law Firm is a board-certified criminal defense attorney with many positive outcomes for clients.

Make a note of any bail conditions

Defendants can’t simply post bail and do whatever they want until their case’s resolution. There are usually conditions that go along with bail, which can include:

  • Prohibiting travel
  • Avoid any additional criminal activity
  • Check-in daily with court officials
  • Stay sober from drugs and alcohol
  • Avoid contact with witnesses and victims

An attorney will review the bail requirements with their clients to ensure they understand everything required of them. A bail violation can put a defendant back in jail until their trial date.

Understand your upcoming court dates

Missing a court date can be considered a crime, causing a warrant to be issued for the defendant and putting them back in jail until their trial date. When you hire an experienced lawyer, they’ll work with you to prepare for every date and ensure you understand what will happen in court.

A criminal defense attorney is available to answer all your questions and eliminate all uncertainty about the bail and trial process.

Candela Law Firm is a board-certified criminal defense attorney in Tampa, Florida.

Only four percent of criminal defense attorneys in Florida are board-certified, meaning we are experts in criminal trial law. Candela Law Firm’s trial experience includes homicide, DUI, serious felonies, and misdemeanors. Whether you’re facing state or federal offenses, we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the legal process and ensure you get a tenacious defense in and out of the courtroom. Don’t rely on a public defender regarding your future, freedom, and reputation.

Don’t trust a criminal trial to anyone less than an expert. Schedule a consultation with a board-certified criminal defense attorney in Tampa, Florida.

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