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Do I need an estate planning attorney in Tampa?
December 9, 2020

Planning for the future can be overwhelming. While it’s a necessary step, there can be much more involved with planning than simply allocating assets and creating a will. At Candela Law Firm, we can help as your estate planning attorney in Tampa.

What does an estate planning attorney do?

An estate planning attorney, or probate lawyer, is a professional who has a thorough understanding of state and federal laws that will affect how your estate is valued, inventoried, taxed, and dispersed after your death. By working with our team, we can help you plan accordingly so there’s nothing that is placed where you don’t want it to after your death. Below are five specific services that our team at Candela Law Firm can provide to assist with your estate planning.

Dictate beneficiaries and asset distribution

Don’t leave your assets in limbo after your passing. By specifying who your beneficiaries are, there’s no question as to proper distribution when the time comes. This also prevents eventual disgruntled family members threatening lawsuits to take possession of assets.

Complex families and assets

With life comes complexity. An estate planning attorney can help to simplify those complexities. Whether you are in a second marriage, have adopted children, own one or more businesses, hold stakes in multiple companies, or any other countless complex situations, the expert advice of a probate lawyer can help you properly distribute assets. With an in-depth understanding of applicable laws and standards, an estate attorney makes it much easier for you to understand what needs to happen for you to ensure that your assets and family are properly taken care of.

State laws rule estate plans

State laws decide who and what can and cannot be in a will or act as representation. Consulting an estate planning attorney in Tampa will help you to understand where these laws apply and what you can do to ensure the safekeeping of assets. Additionally, you’ll know what kind of special circumstances can be placed in your will in order to ensure that assets are properly distributed to whomever you want, exactly when you want.

Handle residue of your estate

An itemized will is not only something you probably haven’t thought about, it’s exactly realistic for every one of your possessions. These items that are left over after paying off taxes, bills, expenses and are not previously named as gifts are called “residue of your estate.” An estate planning attorney can help handle these assets by placing a proper residue clause into your will with proper language that necessarily covers everything.

Trusted source for questions in the future

No matter how old you are, things can change at the drop of a hat. This means family changes, acquisition/liquidation of assets, and many more changes big or small to your existing will. Hiring an estate planning attorney makes it easy to make changes to your will as life continues to change.

Contact Candela Law Firm today

Get in touch with our law firm to learn more about estate planning and how you can benefit. Anthony Candela and the team at Candela Law Firm can serve as your estate planning attorney in Tampa. Start planning for the future today.

Do I need an estate planning attorney in Tampa?
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