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A federal defense attorney in Tampa, FL’s guide to arrest
June 9, 2021

If you’ve been arrested and things feel tentative and uncertain, with a good federal defense attorney in Tampa, FL, you’re actively preserving your future. However, you must realize the gravity of this situation and how it will unfold. Luckily, with Candela Law Firm, the courtroom is my natural habitat. With over 2 decades of experience as a defense lawyer, my track record speaks for itself. Plus, unlike competitors, I’ve been board certified three times, which is something less than 1% of attorneys achieve once.

Here’s what to expect after being arrested:

Filing decision

After your arrest, your case is reviewed by the assistant state attorney. They determine if there’s adequate reason to move forward with your charges. The document they review is referred to as ‘Information.’ This is an official record of potential charges.

If they decree there’s a substantial cause, charges will be filed. Conversely, if they determine the case isn’t strong enough to warrant prosecution, a notice is sent to the victim called a ‘No Bill.’

If it’s determined your case is worth pursuing, getting a federal criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL should be your top priority.


Depositions are when your federal criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL has the opportunity to understand your case in its totality.

Your lawyer will have the right to question witnesses who will be served with subpoenas to attend these interviews. Depositions are recorded, and it’s impermissible for defendants to be present.

After assessing the information available, you then decide to plead guilty or not guilty. Always plead not guilty. Pleading guilty is irreversible, and this gives you time to shore up legal defenses.

First appearance

The next phase is a hearing called ‘the first appearance hearing.’ This is a formal presentation of the case’s facts to the judge.

Based on this presentation, the judge decides if a bond should be set and at what value. If you can pay the bond, you’ll be released until you face trial. In most instances, the judge will prohibit interactions between the defendant and victim.

Depending on your circumstances, this hearing will be different. When unable to afford bail, this appearance is held within 24 hours of the arrest. However, some offenses make you ineligible for bail.

During this appearance, inform the judge you want a federal criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL. The judge will likely set a manageable bail. Afterward, contact your lawyer.


Soon after, you will go to court and plead guilty or not guilty. Pleading not guilty is common and recommended. By pleading not guilty, you’re enabling your federal criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL to consolidate and study the facts surrounding your case. The order of events during an arraignment is usually as follows:

  • The judge reads the criminal charges
  • The judge asks if the defendant has an attorney
  • The judge asks how the defendant pleads
  • The judge determines whether or not to reset the bail
  • The judge announces dates for future proceedings

Schedule a consultation now!

If you were recently arrested and staring down the barrel of severe legal consequences, Candela Law Firm is your saving grace. Board-certified and with over 20 years of industry experience trying over 100 cases, I can guide you through any courtroom situation and ensure you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. With Candela Law Firm, you don’t just get Tampa’s premier lawyer. You get a guardian angel. Schedule a consultation now!

A man standing against a window with bars covering it. Without a criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL, your chances are slim to none.
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