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What to look for in a great defense lawyer in Tampa, FL
April 12, 2021

Success in the courtroom often boils down to finding the right defense lawyer in Tampa, FL. However, that’s easier said than done. It takes careful consideration. At Candela Law Firm, we transcend competition. Our Board Certification of Criminal Trial puts us in the literal top 1% of all firms in Tampa. With a proven track record and passion for criminal defense, we’re who you want on the frontline defending your freedom.

Here’s what to look for in a great criminal defense attorney in Tampa, FL.


Experience is always the difference-maker. This is particularly true when looking for a defense lawyer in Tampa, FL.

Experience representing cases like yours

Finding an attorney experienced in representing clients charged with the crime you’re being charged with is essential. Modern law is so complex that lawyers typically specialize in specific kinds of criminal defenses.

Whether it’s drunk driving, white-collar crimes, or drug charges, your attorney should have extensive experience defending clients in similar circumstances. Inquiring about their experience is of the utmost importance.

Law requires continuous, rigorous practice to stay up to date on the type of legal representation clients require. Such experience is critical to the success of your case. You wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, so why would you bring the wrong lawyer to the courtroom?

Experience in local courts

It’s also important to ensure your defense lawyer in Tampa, FL has ample experience in local courts. This is an aspect that’s often neglected. However, like with anything: in court, connections and relationships matter.

These connections can be the most significant determining factor in the success of your case. Not only does each court have its own processes and procedures, but each judge has their own methodology, too.

Getting a lawyer who thoroughly understands the idiosyncrasies of your local jury, court, and judge is the only way to ensure you’re sufficiently defended.

Check ratings

There are plenty of ways to determine what kind of service you’re getting before even making contact. Just like you would before going to a restaurant, checking the rating of your prospective defense lawyer in Tampa, FL is key.

Reviews and testimonials

Reviewing online testimonials and asking for referrals will go a long way. Asking around to gauge reputation is also important. Even if it’s just friends, family, or neighbors, their experiences are vital.

Rating websites

Using a credible rating system is also imperative. The leading industry-recognized rating systems for lawyers are and Avvo uses a formula that considers important variables. These include:

  • Number of years practicing
  • The general profile of a lawyer
  • Professional achievements and industry recognition
  • Disciplinary history

Lawyers and firms are graded on a scale calculated from 1.0 to 10.0.

Alternatively, Martindale Hubbell has been rating lawyers and firms for a long time, too. They offer three possible ratings: “AV,” “BV,” and a “Rated” designation. “AV” is the highest possible rating. To acquire this rating, a firm needs to:

  • Have a consistent track record of excellence sustained for 10 years
  • Have glowing and effusive reviews from lawyers, judges, and clients

Contact us now for an unmatched defense!

If you need a defense lawyer in Tampa, FL, Candela Law Firm is your only option. Our credentials elevate us to the top 1% of all attorneys in the Tampa area, and our abundant experience and track record put even more distance between us and the competition. Plus, our courtroom confidence and commitment to open communication with clients are unparalleled.

Contact us now for a consultation! We guarantee an impenetrable defense.

A good defense lawyer in Tampa, FL is your express route to redemption.
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