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Meet Anthony Candela, Your Dedicated Trial Attorney
September 17, 2023

When facing criminal charges, you need a passionate defense attorney on your side. At Candela Law Firm in Tampa, Florida, clients find that powerful advocacy in managing attorney Anthony Candela. With over 20 years specializing in criminal law, Anthony has the skills, knowledge, and determination to take on even the most complex state and federal matters. Known for his tireless commitment to clients, Anthony works closely with each person to build an unmatched defense strategy.

Dedicated to criminal defense

Anthony's career is defined by his devotion to protecting individual liberty through criminal defense. After starting as a public defender, he opened Candela Law Firm in 2014 to focus on his calling - upholding justice and freedom for those accused of crimes. Anthony handles major violent felonies, drug trafficking, white collar crimes, appeals, and lesser charges with equal vigor. He gives each client unmatched personal attention because he knows what is at stake.

Driven by his passion for justice, Anthony advocates for those facing the system's unlimited resources. He saw firsthand how prosecutors can fail people without committed defense. This motivates Anthony to even the odds by fiercely defending clients' rights. When entrusted with a person's freedom, he leverages all his skills and determination to protect them. Anthony chose to open his firm to make a positive difference for the accused.

Extensive credentials and experience

With over 100 jury trials under his belt, Anthony has the courtroom skills to be a fierce advocate. He is also one of only around 400 Board Certified Criminal Trial lawyers out of 100,000 total attorneys in Florida. To achieve this coveted title, he met stringent requirements for experience, education, character, and examination performance. Anthony understands how much is riding on each case, and his clients benefit from his thorough preparation and trial expertise.

Anthony's career highlights include 7 years as an Assistant Public Defender handling major violent felonies. He tried over 100 jury trials during this time, fine-tuning his litigation abilities. Later, Anthony worked in insurance fraud investigation. This built his skills in areas like white collar crimes and false claims. Now at Candela Law Firm, he handles diverse and complex criminal matters with ease.

Committed to client advocacy

What sets Anthony Candela apart as a defense lawyer is his dedication to personalized representation, skill in the courtroom, and passion for protection individual liberty. Every client receives Anthony’s full attention and care. He works closely with each person to provide an effective defense tailored to their unique situation.

Anthony’s extensive trial experience makes him a powerful advocate before judges and juries. He has the proven ability to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial. When a case does go to trial, Anthony effectively argues for acquittal by making the prosecution prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Most importantly, Anthony is driven by his belief in justice, freedom, and upholding every person’s rights. He became a defense attorney to make a positive difference for people facing criminal prosecution. At Candela Law Firm, clients gain more than just legal expertise — they have a true advocate on their side.

The Candela Law Firm difference

At Candela Law Firm, clients have a powerful ally to fight for their future. Anthony Candela provides aggressive, customized defense strategies that leverage his experience, passion and trial skills. Clients receive uncompromising personal dedication from a lawyer who understands what is at stake. When your freedom is on the line, you need an advocate of Anthony's caliber in your corner.

Get in touch with Anthony Candela today for assistance from a dedicated criminal attorney!

If you or a loved one faces criminal prosecution, the defense team at Candela Law Firm stands ready to help. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Anthony Candela and start developing your personalized, aggressive defense strategy.

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