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5 questions to ask a defense attorney in Tampa
November 15, 2021

When you need a defense attorney in Tampa, it’s important that you hire the right person for the job. You have a lot riding on your case. Whether it’s potential jail time or even community service, you need to make sure that your representation can provide you with the best defense on your behalf. At Candela Law Firm, P.A., we understand that the initial vetting process is an important part of making sure that you have the right legal team on your side. To help you get started, we’ve created a guide with five questions to ask a defense attorney before you hire them.

Have you seen a case like mine?

Your specific situation is unique to you. Charges are often cut and dry, but the circumstances surrounding your case are going to vary from those of another individual. However, you can still ask your lawyer if they’ve seen a case similar to yours. Being able to see similarities in cases often comes with experience and the ability to navigate the nuances of each individual. While they might be able to see the similarities, the lawyer must also be able to identify what’s different about your case when putting together a strong defense.

Do you think my case will go to trial?

Not all criminal cases will go to trial. It’s possible to reach a plea agreement that comes with a lesser sentence. This is most common when you can’t put together a solid defense based on the evidence the prosecution has. A plea agreement can potentially reduce felony charges to misdemeanors. Although, you aren’t likely to have charges dropped without going to court.

How long have you been practicing criminal law?

Practicing criminal law is different from most other disciplines. There’s more riding on the outcome of a case as a defendant could be at risk of significant time in prison if the case doesn’t turn out how the lawyer wants. Understanding what’s at stake for their client is an important part of practicing criminal law and an experienced lawyer will have this in mind as they put together your defense. What’s more, they’re more likely to have seen a case similar to yours and understand the potential holes that might be poked in their arguments.

Will you be the one working on my case?

Big law firms often have lower-level attorneys who will either take over a case or do the majority of work. This means that you won’t necessarily be working with the attorney with whom you’ve been speaking regarding your case. This can, unfortunately, lead to lapses in communication throughout the process that make it difficult for you and your attorney to get on the same page. You’re going to want the person you’re speaking with to be the one who does the work on your case to ensure that everything goes together as planned.

Can I speak with some references?

Don’t be afraid to ask an attorney for references. They’ll often have people who they’ve worked with in the past who you can speak with candidly about what it was like to work with them. Yes, these are most often going to be previous clients or colleagues who had a good experience, but you can still get a straight answer from them about the defense attorney’s approach and find out how well respected they are in the community.

Contact us for answers

For answers to these questions and more, please get in touch with us at Candela Law Firm, P.A. Anthony Candela is here to fight for you and serve as your defense attorney in Tampa. Please fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you to schedule a consultation.

5 questions to ask a defense attorney in Tampa
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