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What Tampa, FL criminal defense attorneys look for in a case
June 9, 2021

If you’re facing charges, failing to find the premier Tampa, FL criminal defense attorney undermines your future. You don’t need us to tell you the implications of a criminal record. Luckily, you came to the right place. With Candela Law Firm, you’re getting over 20 years of legal experience and an attorney who’s been board-certified three times. I empower you to conquer the courtroom.

Here’s what lawyers look for in your case:

1. The full truth

When speaking with your Tampa, FL criminal defense attorney, transparency is essential. Without a complete account of events, your attorney will be severely limited in what they can do.

At best, this results in unforeseen obstacles. At worst, it ruins your case. Even if details seem irrelevant to you, they could be critical assets to your case. Divulging the full truth enables them to represent you to the best of their abilities.

It’s also important to remember lawyer-client privilege is real. Everything stays between the two of you. During consultations, they’ll ask questions, listen, and look for key details to service your defense. Even as proceedings progress, your lawyer will be vigilant for advantageous developments.

2. Charges and evidence

A Tampa, FL criminal defense attorney also looks for evidence and charges to analyze. This requires a careful, calculated examination of facts and theories surrounding your case.

Your lawyer will look for legal mechanisms to disqualify or discount evidence against you. More importantly, they will also look at concrete evidence and facts so you know what to anticipate.

By identifying and evaluating charges and evidence in your case, your lawyer can supply you with a realistic outline of prospects and devise an effective defense strategy. This requires meticulously examining all evidence.

A lawyer can even have charges dropped due to insufficient evidence or improper procedure. This requires a nuanced understanding of the law and considerable experience. At Candela Law Firm, I turn charges and evidence against you into your greatest asset.

3. Plea bargaining

A Tampa, FL criminal attorney has an intimate understanding of local courts. Every region’s unique with specific, distinct ways to appeal to them.

Knowing what to look for when you’re out of options is the surest way to obtain a favorable plea bargain. A competent, effective lawyer will understand how to approach the prosecution and what kinds of truths, appeals, and evidence are most influential.

Your lawyer will be responsible for negotiating and discussing a plea bargain. This can significantly reduce charges and sentencing. It can even result in a case dismissal.

A good lawyer understands the technicalities that separate a minimal sentence from a prolonged one, and precisely what approach is most likely to acquire a plea bargain.

Your attorney will be able to evaluate your case, determine how they think it will fare, and by understanding the legal minutiae surrounding it, they will help avoid a painful trial and significantly mitigate the consequences.

Schedule a consultation now!

A good Tampa, FL criminal defense attorney will know precisely what to look for to optimize your outcome. With Candela Law Firm, you get over two decades of legal experience trying over 100 jury trials. Unlike competitors, I’ve been board-certified three times for legal defense, which something less than 1% of attorneys have done once. Schedule a consultation now!

A group of lawyers in suits and ties analyzing a document and discussing it. A Tampa, FL criminal defense attorney is your surest route to redemption.
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